Trophy hunting is wasteful because they don’t use the entire animal’s body. This also kills off endangered species which can cause a dramatic change in the populations of other animals. The reason why trophy hunting should be completely banned is because it is morally wrong.

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1. What are the negative effects of trophy hunting?

  • Controlling Animal Population and Ecological Balance.
  • Providing the Source of Food.
  • Hunting as Favorite Recreation.
  • Economic Value of Hunting.
  • Driving Industries.
  • Helping in Biological Issues.
  • Supporting Environment (How Hunting Helps the Environment) In developed countries, hunters have their own hunting licenses.

2. Why trophy hunting can be good for animals?

Why trophy hunting can be good for animals? FAQs qnadmin December 21, 2021. Trophy hunting contributes to taxidermy, which in turn is used to record species, including those that are extinct and threatened. It also serves to educate, especially the young ones on animals and their parts.

3. Should trophy hunting be banned?

Votes should ban trophy hunting because it causes pain and suffering, species to be endangered, and distribution of the food chain. Pain and suffering is not something anyone or anything should feel. Lots of animals suffer slowly and painfully from bullets and other glorifying tools.

4. How to stop trophy hunting?

What can be done to stop this hunting?

  • Enforcement of Stricter Laws.
  • Awareness Creation.
  • Support or Fund Conservation Agencies.
  • Avoid Buying Products With Animal Parts.