Essay Sample Check Writing Quality A college education brings success to those that earn it. It takes many years of hard work and dedication. I want a college education to have better opportunities, be able to have the career I want, and to feel accomplished and proud of myself.

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1. Can you write a college major in an essay?

In many cases, you can. (Important: This varies from school to school, so if you’re unsure, find out.) It can help to choose a major as a placeholder, though, as it makes this essay a LOT easier to write. Okay, let’s check out some “Why this College Major” prompts:

2. How do you write a good reason for majoring?

Finally, a “Why This Major?” essay should reveal how the college in question will help you achieve your goals. Your reasons should extend beyond “the college is highly ranked for this major,” and should dive into the curriculum, teaching methodology, and specific classes or resources.

3. What is the “why this major” essay?

What is the “Why This Major” Essay? In the college admissions process, you’ll need to submit two main types of essays: the personal statement and supplemental essays. The personal statement is your main application essay that goes to every school you apply to. The goal of this essay is to share more about who you are and your development.

4. Why did you choose to pursue education?

“I chose education because I want to help young students deepen their love for learning and take that forward with them as a lifelong passion and desire.” “I am motivated daily by the opportunity to have an impact.