Gardner -Webb is for students are willing to step up and become adults, students who are ready to fulfill their roles as individuals. This school allows you to take more responsibility for yourself, rather than being forced to do something, you are highly encouraged to go out and do it yourself.

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1. Why choose Gardner-Webb University?

The mission of Gardner-Webb University is to prepare graduates for leadership and service in their professional careers and in their personal lives. Rigorous and innovative degree programs, combined with distinctive hands-on learning opportunities, shape students into thinkers, doers, and world-changers.

2. What makes a good essay for a Bu essay?

The focus of this essay is on research, which is something that BU excels at, so the author made a good topic choice. For the response to really be exceptional, the author needs to highlight their own interests and motivations much sooner—and they need to go into more depth about why BU is the right place for them to pursue those interests.

3. Why do you want to study at BU?

I want to learn in an environment that encourages independent study no matter one’s field of interest or experience, and BU’s support of intellectual curiosity for all of its students makes it a perfect fit for me.