Nelson Mandela is a man of many qualities. He is brave, persistent, and kind, which in my definition are all admirable qualities that make up a hero. He made countless sacrifices helping to end the segregation between blacks and whites. Mandela is most known for fighting racism, poverty and inequality.

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1. What made Nelson Mandela a hero to you?

Nelson Mandela’s non-judgemental and loving soul mixed with his strong passions and determination made an effective and forceful government. As an individual, it made him a hero, not only a hero to me, but a hero to his people. They told him what they wanted and he gave it to them, but it was not long until Nelson was to leave.

2. What was the most passionate thing Nelson Mandela wanted to achieve?

I believe that the act of fighting against racism was the most passionate thing Nelson Mandela wanted to achieve.

3. Why did Nelson Mandela take up non-violent action?

After 69 unarmed protesters were massacred in Sharpeville in Transvaal, Mandela resorted to militant action. While incarcerated on Robben Island, Mandela returned to his non-violent practices and used these as a mode of resistance against prison guards.