The Difference between an Essay and a Journal

  • The Two Types of Journals. One type of journal requires recording your thoughts on a regular basis, much as you would in keeping a diary.
  • Purpose. When writing an essay, a writer’s purpose should be to inform readers about a specific topic.
  • Scope. Essays are limited in scope.

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1. What is the difference between an academic journal and an essay?

Academic journals are published to highlight the best work and latest discoveries in fields like science, medicine, history, gender studies, and every other subject within academia. An essay may be published in an academic journal but focuses more on one particular subject within a broader field or a new idea that relates to that academic field.

2. What is the difference between an article and a journal?

The purpose of an article is to inform the readers of a concept; while the purpose of a journal is to record the development of an idea as it comes to the writer’s mind. Topic: The topic of an essay is usually a question and is mostly event-based.

3. What is the difference between an article and essay?

An article is objective in the sense that it is based on facts and evidence, and simply describes the topic or narrate the event. As against, an essay is subjective, because it is based on fact or research-based opinion or outlook of a person on a specific topic.

4. What is the difference between diary writing and journal writing?

• Diary writing is a daily activity whereas journal writing can be done whenever the writer feels the need to write. • While journal writing is generally taught at schools, diary writing can be done by anyone and does not require any skills as such.