As the name suggests, a character analysis essay is an essay that focuses on a character or characters and examines the character’s traits to determine how the drive the action in a work of literature.

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1. How to start a character analysis?

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2. How to write a character analysis in literature?

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  1. Identify the character. Before writing, you should have a basic understanding of the character you want to analyze.
  2. Take notes. Regardless of how many times you’ve read the text, skim the piece again and actively note specific scenes in which your character appears.
  3. Locate the character’s initial introduction.
  4. Look for.

3. What is included in a character study?

When writing a character study for your own story, begin with an “interview” of the character, so you can get to know her. In both cases, take notes on the main aspects of the character. In your first paragraph, provide your character’s basic information, including his age, appearance, likes, dislikes and basic background information.

4. How do you write a character analysis outline?

The body should address the following:

  • What are the physical attributes of the character? What do they look like? What is their personality? What is their background?
  • What conflicts does the character experience? How do they overcome there? If they don’t, why?
  • What can the reader learn from the character? What are the key takeaways or important lessons?