Section one of the classical rhetoric essay format: Exordium –in which the writer introduces his topic using anecdotes, analogies, quotes, statistics, short stories, comparisons, etc. in order to catch the reader’s attention and connect the reader with the topic.

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1. What is an exordium in a research paper?

The Exordium (Latin for beginning the web) The exordium should capture the reader’s attention and bring the reader into the world of your paper. The exordium could be an anecdote, a fact, an interesting quotation, a question, a provocative statement, or just a few sentences of description. What is an Exordium?

2. What makes a good exordium?

“Every exordium ought either to have reference to the entire subject under consideration, or to form an introduction and support, or a graceful and ornamental approach to it, bearing, however, the same architectural proportion to the speech as the vestibule and avenue to the edifice and temple to which they lead.

3. What is Exordia and why is it important?

“Ancient rhetoricians gave elaborate advice for exordia, since rhetors use this first part of a discourse to establish their ethos as intelligent, reliable, and trustworthy people.