What Does Compassion Mean To You Essay 585 Words | 3 Pages Compassion means for someone to show that they care about someone. It also means to forgive and to understand. When you have compassion you show that you understand. You can show compassion by helping someone when they need it. It means you will be there for someone when they need you.

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1. What is compassion and how can it improve my life?

Neff, Ph.D.:

  • Be kind in the face of your own suffering. Being nice to yourself is especially important when you are suffering, feeling inadequate or are disappointed in yourself.
  • Acknowledge your humanity. Recognize and accept that everyone suffers — it’s a part of the shared experience of life and of being human.
  • Practice mindfulness. Notice your own suffering.

2. What are some compassion words?

Only Compassionate People Would Do These 20 Things

  1. They put other people’s needs above theirs. Even if they don’t intentionally do this, compassionate people are always worry about the ones they love more than themselves.
  2. They always listen first, speak second. A lot of us get into hot water by speaking before we think things through.
  3. They volunteer for the least favorable task if it helps others.

4. What are some compassion quotes?

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