Things to remember about the first step:

  • Always be positive;
  • Use the highest praises you can – but remain realistic;
  • Don’t compliment something you think should be improved;
  • Your goal is to be positive and start the peer editing process on a positive note;
  • Show interest into the topic and the writer’s opinions, even if you disagree;

Other Question and Answers that can be helpful for you

1. How to compliment an essay?

When you’re complimenting the writer, you will point out everything that you believe the writer has done right. For example, you might compliment the topic of their essay, their word choice, the structure of the essay, and other things. This will have a positive effect on the writer.

2. What is peer editing and how does it work?

Peer editing refers to editing a piece of writing written by a person who is equal to you in skills and abilities, or age, or both. In a school setting, your peers are your classmates. If you’re attending a writers’ workshop, the same will apply. And once someone else’s writing finds its way to you for peer editing,…

3. Why is peer to peer learning important for writers?

Peer to peer learning is very important for writers. Writers work alone, most of the time, and writers are highly sensitive about their own work. Sometimes, you might be put into a situation where you will have to peer edit an essay, probably in a school setting or as a part of a writing workshop.