You’ve Decided to Go to Law School

Law is a complicated field which directly or indirectly affects all of society. Those who practice law have always had the respect of the people they’ve helped, whether as paralegals, as attorneys, or as judges in a court. Applying to law school can be intimidating since there are a lot of things you need to take into account. First of all, you will have to take the law school admission exam (LSAT). While this may seem terrifying – it is an exam, after all – you should know that you cannot fail it, per se. The LSAT will gather your score and include it in your application. Meaning that those with a higher score will have better chances of getting accepted at the course. However, you can also add points to your application by writing a perfect law school statement of purpose. On this paper, you will demonstrate the admission committee that you are a strong candidate and that they should give you a place at the law course. Be prepared to write a law school personal statement when applying to college.

Who may need a law statement of purpose?

  • All law school applicants
  • Students with low LSAT scores applying to top law schools
  • University applicants who chose law major
  • Law colleges applicants

Where to Apply to Study Law as a Graduate?

Law is one of those subjects within which the school you graduate from can have a significant impact on your future earning potential. After all if you gain your education from one of the top ranked law schools you will have received an impressive education. You should use your law school statement of purpose to apply to a law school from this list:

  • Yale University: if you are looking for a career in teaching law then this program is going to be the one for you.
  • Stanford University: SLS offers a full range of higher degrees in law to suit your career ambitions and direction.
  • Harvard University: the university offers a truly international approach with students coming from more than 70 countries.
  • University of Chicago: feel free to make a visit to this program at any time if you are truly interested in attending their program.
  • Columbia University: one of the more rounded programs this will prepare you whether you are looking to head into practice or even a non-law field.

Why You Need a Law School Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose law school is a crucial document for your application. Through a well-written, and relevant statement of purpose, you will ensure you stand out from the competition. Since it is possible that you may share the same grades and LSAT score with other candidates, a statement of purpose is the only document that will set you apart. With this essay, you can convince the admission committee that you are a perfect candidate for the course and that you have the skills, and academic and career background needed to enroll in the course. Ensuring that it is well-written, that it contains the information the board is looking for, and that it is spotless, is vital to make sure you get a chance to succeed. What will make your law school SoP impressive?

  • Underline how important knowledge of law is nowadays
  • Show your passion to law and fair judgement
  • Add a quote from philosopher
  • Drop a hint how precise and accurate you are

How Should Your Law School Statement of Purpose Be Structured?

The statement of purpose law should follow a defined structure so that you communicate the information that the admissions committee will want to know about you. The following structure needs to be used for your writing:

  • Show your reasons for following an education in law: detail out how your passion for law developed, what specific areas of law interest you the most, and what you have already done through your education and work.
  • Detail why you are suited to study and work in this field: show the specific skills and other personal qualities that you have that will make you succeed not only with your studies but with your career.
  • Provide them with what you feel are the most important parts of their program for you and what you feel you will add to their program.
  • Give an outline of where you hope you future career is likely to head in the next 5 to 10 years after you graduate.
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How Should You Write Your Statement of Purpose Law?

Once you know what should be in your statement of purpose you still have to write it. The following tips will help you with that writing:

  • Review the expectations of the program that you are applying to. Different law schools have very different expectations of their applicants and you will want to show that you are a good match if you are serious to gain a place with them.
  • Brainstorm how you match their requirements and against the structure that is expected for the statement to generate ideas for your writing.
  • Create an outline: select from your ideas the strongest points to include with your writing and create a basic outline for your statement.
  • Write your initial draft: with your first draft it is best to concentrate on simply getting those ideas down in writing without worrying to much about word count.
  • Review and rewrite cycle: you will need to review your writing and make it more concise and relevant. If possible get the feedback of others to improve your writing. You will probably need to go through several cycles to develop a statement that you will be happy with.
  • Proofread: never submit your statement without carefully checking it for problems.

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A Statement of Purpose Law Professors Would Approve

There are different ways you can produce a statement of purpose law school. You can do it yourself, or you can ask for a professional writing service. Both of them have their pros and cons. If you decide to write it yourself, you will need to be 100% that your statement of purpose is well-written, that you have included the relevant information, and that it does not contain any mistakes. A statement of purpose should convince the admission committee that you are a strong candidate, so talking about yourself might be difficult.

However, a professional writer can use your personal story to draft and write an impeccable statement of purpose. They will make sure your paper does not contain any errors and that it tells your story convincingly. The only downside of hiring a professional writer is that you may have to wait a few hours to read and write your statement of purpose- guess it is worth. Best of all, they’ll help even with a statement of purpose for Masters in management information systems in your name!

What to avoid in your law school statement of purpose

Your statement of purpose needs to be written perfectly, this means avoiding these common mistakes that many students make. If your SOP contains these mistakes then you will likely find that your place will be going to another student.

  • Do not let spelling mistakes through
  • Avoid punctuation and grammatical errors
  • Don’t use any clichés
  • Don’t try to use long words that no one will understand
  • Don’t try to use humor
  • Avoid stating the obvious, your word count is limited so use it wisely
  • Never lie or exaggerate the truth
  • Don’t talk about anything irrelevant to your application

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