8th Grade Reading & Writing Expository / Informational Text Unit Week 1 Snapshot: Intro to the unit & genre; author’s purpose (inform, explain, describe); transition words/phrases; writing activities Week 2 Snapshot: Active & passive voice; using infinitive, participle, and gerund phrases to create & maintain parallel structure in writing

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1. What are some examples of expository essays?

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2. How to write an expository essay?

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3. What are some examples of expository writing?

Types of Expository Writing

  • business writing
  • expository essays
  • how-to/instructional articles
  • news writing/journalism
  • recipes
  • scientific reports
  • technical writing
  • textbooks

4. What is an example of expository text?

What are the elements of expository text?

  • description – main idea and details.
  • sequence of events – order in which things happen.
  • effect – the results of specific actions.
  • enumeration – a listing of terms in no specific order.
  • problem/solution – problem and one or more solutions.
  • classification – dividing into categories.