Step By Step Guide to Writing an Essay on Film

  1. Watch the Movie. This is the obvious starting point, but surprisingly many students skip this step.
  2. Introduction. Your introduction will contain essential information about the film, such as the title, release date, director’s name, etc.
  3. Write a Summary.
  4. Write Your Analysis.
  5. Conclusion.

Other Question and Answers that can be helpful for you

1. How to structure a film essay?

  • Review your summary notes
  • Rewrite them in your own words and in complete sentences
  • Use reporting verbs and phrases, e.g. ‘The author describes’, ‘Smith argues that ‘.
  • Use quotation marks if If you include unique or specialist phrases from the text.

2. How do you cite films in an essay?

To cite a Netflix video, you’ll need the following pieces of information:

  • The title of the Netflix movie.
  • The name of the site (Netflix)
  • The names of directors, producers, performers, and/or any other individuals.
  • The year the movie was released.
  • The name of the production or distribution company.
  • The URL.

3. How should I write a film analysis?

Writing a film analysis requires you to consider the composition of the film—the individual parts and choices made that come together to create the finished piece. Film analysis goes beyond the analysis of the film as literature to include camera angles, lighting, set design, sound elements, costume choices, editing, etc. in making an argument.

4. How to write a critical analysis of a film?

When viewing the movie, keep these following tips in mind:

  • Your impression of the movie should be considered.
  • Make memorable details specific.
  • Interpret the message of the movie in your own way.
  • Listen and read the experts view about the film.
  • Add both theory and analysis.
  • Your argument should be based on various elements of movie theory.
  • Reveal conflicting opinions.