7 Steps to Write a Movie Title in an Essay

  • Make sure you have the right movie. Many movies have very similar titles.
  • Check the wording of the title.
  • Watch out for “a” and “the”.
  • Capitalize the title of the movie.
  • Italicize movie titles.
  • Give the year of release on first reference.
  • Consider using an essay writing service.

Other Question and Answers that can be helpful for you

1. How to write the name of a movie in an essay?

Steps for citing a movie in Chicago style

  • First write the full title of the movie, in italic style followed by a period. This is the main element you will be using in your in-text citation.
  • Next, write the director’s name in the first name, middle initial and last name format followed by a period. It should be following words “Directed by”, i.e.
  • Write the release or production year followed by a semicolon. You should start parentheses from this part. It will be closed after the distributor name.
  • Write the city and the state names where the movie was originated or produced. Add a comma after the city name and a colon after the state name. I.e.
  • Finally, complete the citation with the format of the movie, i.e. film or VHS or DVD. Don’t forget to add a period in the end.

2. How to cite a movie in movie essay?

Cite the film at the end of the essay. Place the title of the film in quotation marks. Place the name of the director using first name, last name. Write the year the film was released followed by the distributor.

3. How to write a movie in an essay?

  1. Cite the title of the movie.
  2. Provide background information and formulate the thesis in the introductory paragraph.
  3. Indicate the main ideas presented in the film. Each of these main ideas should be framed into a topic sentence and developed through the use of specific details.
  4. Use direct quotation of key words and phrases.
  5. Use tags (“according to” or “as explained in the movie”) to remind the reader that you are summarizing the view presented rather than your own.
  6. Avoid summarizing plot.
  7. Report the main ideas as objectively as possible. Do not include your own reactions and responses.

4. How do you cite films in an essay?

To cite a Netflix video, you’ll need the following pieces of information:

  • The title of the Netflix movie.
  • The name of the site (Netflix)
  • The names of directors, producers, performers, and/or any other individuals.
  • The year the movie was released.
  • The name of the production or distribution company.
  • The URL.