How To Cite Article In Essay

  • It Includes The Page Number When Using Direct Quotes. Write the article title in title case (all major words capitalized).
  • Title Of The Article Or.
  • Use The Most Recent Publication Date On The Page, Including The Day, Month, And Year If Available.
  • Title (Of The Page Or Article) Date When You Accessed The Website.

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1. How to punctuate article titles in essays?

  • The first word after a colon unless it begins an independent clause
  • Government, including federal government and U.S. government
  • The words “web” or “internet”
  • Most prepositions in titles, such as “People with Disabilities” (however, capitalize prepositions with five or more letters: “Honor Among Thieves”)

2. How to use an article title in an essay?

  • For example, you might write: “Albus Dumbledore describes the origin of the four Hogwarts houses in his article ‘Separating Hogwarts Fact and Fiction.'”
  • Put the title of the article in double-quotation marks in your text.
  • If you’re quoting directly from the source, include the author’s full name the first time you quote them.

3. Do I underline article titles in an essay?

It is always a good idea to italicize the title of any book that has a full-length title. The titles of shorter works, such as poems and stories, should be listed in quotation marks. If your essay is handwritten, you should only underline the titles of full-length works. Do Titles Need To Be Underlined?

4. How do you write a good title for an essay?

Use a subtitle.

  • The most common method is putting the creative part first as the main title, followed by the informative part in the subtitle. However, you can do it either way.
  • For example, you could write: “Use Your Backbone: Why You Should Advocate for Stock in Soup.”
  • If the titles are on the same line, separate them by a colon. If not, you don’t need the colon.