When using numbers in your APA paper, you can follow this general rule: Numbers 10 and above should be written in numeric form, and numbers below 10 should be spelled out. You can remember this rule and loosely apply it to your APA paper, judging each case by what you think looks best on the page.

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1. How to write numbers under APA guidelines?

When to Write Out Numbers in APA Style

  • Beginning a sentence. Always write out numbers that begin a sentence or a title.
  • Common Fractions. Always write out common fractions.
  • Ordinal Numbers. Write out ordinal numbers.
  • Universally Accepted Usage. Words that have a universally accepted usage as written out.

2. Do you spell out numbers in APA?

  • The general rule in APA is that you should write out numbers that are under 10 and you should use digits for numbers that are 10 and above.
  • There are several other guidelines for this rule also: Use digits for information in graphs.
  • For other guidelines about writing out numbers in APA, look at pages 111-115 in the APA style manual, 6th edition.

3. How to alphabetize numbers in APA?

  • Alphabetize letter by letter
  • Alphabetize prefixes such as Mc and Mac literally
  • Alphabetize surnames that contain articles and prepositions (de, la, du, von, etc.) according to the rules of the language of origin
  • Alphabetize items with numerals as if the numerals were spelled out