To make a footnote citation, label the area of your text that you need to reference with a number (if it’s your first footnote, start with “1.”). At the bottom of the page, include this number with the citation. When readers see the number in the text, they know they can find the source by looking for the corresponding footnote.

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1. How do you write footnotes in an essay?

To use footnotes in your own book, essay, or article, you must first decide on the most appropriate and logical placement of your footnotes in the text. Add numbers according to your chosen style guide, and be sure to add the numbers directly after the phrase, clause, or sentence to which the corresponding footnote refers.

2. What font do you write footnotes in an essay?

If your main essay is written in size 12 font, write your footnotes in size 10. If your paper uses a different referencing system to the ones such as Harvard, APA, or MLA, you may want to use footnotes to give additional information to the reader which is not required in the main body of text.

3. What is the purpose of footnotes in a paper?

Learn more… Footnotes are used generally in academic and professional writing to cite sources or add supplemental information to the main text of a paper. Academic citation styles, such as the Modern Language Association (MLA) and the American Psychological Association (APA), discourage the use of extensive footnotes.