In-Text Citations: The Basics

  • APA citation basics. When using APA format, follow the author-date method of in-text citation.
  • In-text citation capitalization, quotes, and italics/underlining. Always capitalize proper nouns, including author names and initials: D.
  • Short quotations.

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1. How to add citations in an essay?

The list of references

  • Research and Citation — The Purdue University Online Writing Lab
  • Citation Guide (MLA and APA) — Lane Community College
  • MLA Citation Guide (8th Edition): In-Text Citation — Columbia College

2. How do you cite APA in APA style?

APA Corporation stock went on an upward path… APA Corporation [NASDAQ: APA] stock went on an upward path that rose over 4.35% on Monday, amounting to a one-week price increase of more than 0.32%. The company report on December 27, 2021 that APA

3. What is an example of an APA citation?

  • Year of publication and edition are to be put in brackets
  • The ampersand (‘&’) is used before the name of the last author in a row of authors
  • The title of monographs, journals, or edited volumes must be italicized
  • ‘In’ only introduces edited volumes
  • ‘ [Video]’ must be placed after the year of publication in cases where video material is quoted

4. How to cite in APA when there are multiple authors?

Reference List: Author/Authors

  • Single Author. Last name first, followed by author initials.
  • Two Authors. List by their last names and initials.
  • Three to Twenty Authors. List by last names and initials; commas separate author names, while the last author name is preceded again by ampersand.
  • More Than Twenty Authors.
  • Group Author.
  • Unknown Author.