How to Cite an Image in Chicago Style | Format & Examples

  • Citing an artwork from a museum. When you viewed an artwork in person at a museum, gallery, or other location, provide information about the institution housing it.
  • Citing an image from a book.
  • Image citations in Chicago author-date style.
  • Frequently asked questions about Chicago style citations.

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1. How do you cite a citation in Chicago?

How to cite the Bible in Chicago style | Format and abbreviations

  • Referring to the Bible in your text. As stated in the Bible The story of the creation of the world is recounted in Genesis.
  • Abbreviating books of the Bible. In Genesis 1:1, God creates the heavens and the earth.
  • Citing multiple verses or chapters

2. How to cite a footnote in Chicago?

The key components when citing a single song in Chicago referencing are:

  • Artist’s name – The credited artist or the contributor your work focuses on (e.g., the songwriter or a specific performer).
  • Role – Only required if the artist is not also the song’s creator.
  • Song title – The name of the song cited in quote marks.
  • Other contributors – Any writers or guest artists relevant to your discussion.

4. How to cite a quotation in Chicago style?

• in the Notes & Bibliography System, place end punctuation before the final quotation marks, and include a superscript after the final quotation marks to indicate that the full citation can be found in the footnote (bottom of page) or the endnote (end of the paper). In Chicago format, block quotations are used when quoting five lines or more.