How to Properly List Sources in My Essay in the MLA Format

  • In-Text Citations. When you quote, summarize or paraphrase someone else’s work within your essay, you must provide in-text citation.
  • Works Cited Page. In MLA format, a Works Cited page appears at the end of your paper, listing all the sources you used.
  • Works Cited Entries.
  • Internet Sources.

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1. How do you use sources in an essay?

The Easy Guide to Finding Essay Sources: Academic Research Tips

  • Start With Wikipedia. Stay with us on this one — we all know Wikipedia is frowned upon by academic researchers.
  • Get the Most Out of the Library.
  • Use Academic Search Engines.
  • Don’t Forget About Primary Sources.
  • Opt for Digital Libraries and Databases.
  • Check the Bibliography of Your Sources.
  • Look Beyond Journals and Books.
  • Learn to Quickly Evaluate a Source.

2. How to introduce secondary sources in an essay?

  • Finding good secondary sources for English essays
  • Tips on using secondary sources
  • Effective summarizing and paraphrasing
  • Documenting sources in MLA style (Modern Languages Association)

3. How do I put references in an essay?

  • Summarize your references through a reference page. If you want your essay to be continuously flowing when it comes to discussion, you can separate the list of your references.
  • Quote your references during discussion.
  • Paraphrase the content of your source then provide an in-text citation.

4. How to cite a source on an essay?

Use the author’s last name and year of publication for in-text citations.

  • For example, you might write: By using a time turner, a witch or wizard can appear to others as though they are actually in two places at once (Granger, 2018).
  • If you use the author’s name in the text of your paper, include the parenthetical with the year immediately after the author’s name.
  • Add page numbers if you quote directly from the source.