The 5 Parts of Argumentative Essay

  • Well-Structured Thesis. The argumentative essay begins with an introduction to the argument.
  • Supporting Body Paragraphs. The essay includes three body paragraphs that support the claims of the thesis.
  • Counter Arguments. Be sure to touch on counterarguments during the body of the essay.
  • Persuasive Conclusion.
  • Transitional Phrases.

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1. What are the components of an argumentative essay?

What Are the Five Parts of an Argumentative Essay?

  • A Well-Structured Thesis. Write an introductory paragraph that introduces your argument and explains why readers should be interested in your topic.
  • Supporting Body Paragraphs. Develop three distinct, yet unified, body paragraphs to support the claims in your thesis.
  • Your Persuasive Conclusion.
  • Transitional Phrases.

2. How do I properly write an argumentative essay?

Steps on Writing Your Argumentative Essay

  1. Choosing A Topic. Whichever style of argument you choose, you will still need to choose an appropriate topic for an argumentative essay.
  2. Research. Look for material (books, articles, blogs, documentaries) by credible sources and experts.
  3. Write an Outline. A good outline will help you heaps when it comes to the writing process.
  4. Fill In the Blanks.
  5. Edit.

3. How to make good argumentative essay?

  • Your thesis statement should be one to two sentences.
  • Your thesis statement should clearly present the main idea of your essay and make some kind of assertion (even if that assertion is about bringing two sides together).
  • Your thesis should not make an “announcement” about what your essay will cover. Instead, it should just present your assertion.

4. What are the 5 parts of an argument?

Part 3 of 5: The Court Pivots and Accepts the Case

  • The Battle Resumes. Miles’s case was different, though.
  • Miles’s Supporters Chime In.
  • Texas Central Has its Turn.
  • Texas Central Gathers its Own Supporters.
  • The State Throws Support to Miles.
  • Texas Central’s Last Response.
  • Texas Central Gets Last-Minute Support.