Ideally, an essay should have between 3 and 4 paragraphs per page, with the maximum word count per paragraph being 150 words. Therefore, if you go for 3 paragraphs per page, your essay will be 9 paragraphs long.

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1. How many pages do 771 words equal?

Just slightly longer than a more common word count of 750 words, 800 words is about one and three-fifths of a page single spaced, and a little over 3 pages double spaced. If you’re using a typical word processing setup with Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font with regular margins your results should be about the same, but as always can vary depending on word length and other factors.

2. How many paragraphs are in a ten page paper?

  • A 3,000 word essay is 20 paragraphs.
  • A 4,000 word essay is 26 to 27 paragraphs.
  • A 5,000 word essay is 33 to 34 paragraphs.
  • A 6,000 word essay is 40 paragraphs.

3. How many words per page?

To calculate the page count for a 5″ × 8″ book:

  1. pt type – divide your word count by 400
  2. pt type – divide your word count by 350
  3. pt type – divide your word count by 300

4. How many words are in a 7 page paper?

You can then choose your preferred spacing from the following options:

  • Single spaced
  • 1.5 spaced
  • Double spaced