Hester Prune’s physical features are described as beautiful and elegant.

She Is tall with dark glossy hair that reflects the sunlight and has dark eyes. She always has Pearl by her side. Mentally, Hester is tough. Very must like Jesus carrying the burden of the cross through criticizing crowds, Hester must carry the burden of the letter which is critiqued daily.

Hester also has strong emotions. She fights for what she believes in and will not stand for injustice.

These traits help her get through the years she must wear the scarlet letter. Hester Interaction with Others around Her Even though the people in the Puritan colony are cruel and Judgmental of Hester, she always is very caring and compassionate to those in need. She brings food to the doors of the poor and also cares for the sick. She always appears during times of trouble, but as soon as the trouble is resolved, she dissipates.

This Is shown when Hester leaves Governor Winthrop deathbed after sewing him his burial robe.

More people are beginning to interpret the “A” on her chest as meaning “Able” rather than “Adulterer. Even though she is kindhearted to others, she has becomes more stern with Pearl. She tries to regulate Pearl instead of Just letting her say what she wants to say. Although she is still looked at as an object of scorn, the Puritan’s are beginning to look past the letter and see Hester compassionate and caring disposition to those in need. What Motivates Hester Through the extensive struggle of wearing the scarlet letter through the years, Hester changes dramatically.

She is filled with different feelings of torment and self- worthiness. At one point, she even considers suicide. However, Pearl motivates her to pep going. Pearl is Hester only companion and Hester is the only person who truly knows how to raise Pearl, therefore, she must be there for her. Hester also has strong morals and her sense of right and wrong compels her to keep working for what Is right.

Another factor that drives Hester forward is her heart. She follows her heart and truly loves Timescale.

Her love for him makes her determined to not let him get caught. Hester Journey At the start of the book, Hester Is led out of the prison to the dishonorable scaffold. There she tightly holds on to her newborn baby as Puritans criticize the beautifully ditched letter A on her chest.

After hours of insults, Hester returns to her jail cell. There, her husband Roger Prone, later changed to Roger Chlorinating, makes her promise not to reveal his identity when she refuses to tell him who she had an affair with.

He promises he will kill Hester lover If she tells his secret. After she is released she is close to nature. There, she continues to use her talent in needlework to provide for Pearl and herself. One night after Governor Winthrop death, Pearl hears Damselfly’s hysterical laughter from the scaffold and returns it with her own.

Hester, Pearl, and Timescale all stand on the scaffold together and Pearl asks Timescale if he will stand there with them for the entire colony to see. Timescale refuses and says he will stand with them during Judgment Day.

Suddenly, a meteor flashes across the sky, leaving behind the red letter A. The other colonists interpreted it as proof that Winthrop is an angel in Heaven. However, Timescale believed that it stood for adulterer, like the A on Hester chest.

Chlorinating is then discovered to be watching them and states that Reverend Timescale must have been sleep Nailing. Hester decides to tell Timescale that Chlorinating is her husband. They meet in the woods and while Pearl plays near the creek, she tells him the secret. At first he is livid, but then forgives her.

Hester persuades Timescale to move away from the colony with Pearl and herself to start a new life together.

He agrees to leave after his sermon the following day. Timescale finishes his Election Day sermon, Inch focuses on the relationship between God and the communities of mankind. As the Puritans leave the meeting hall, the people murmur to each other that the armor was the minister’s best. As they move toward the town hall for the evening feast, Timescale turns toward the scaffold and calls to Hester and Pearl to Join him.

Deaf to Clownishness’s attempt to stop him, Timescale mounts the scaffold with Hester and Pearl. The crowd stares as Timescale leans on Hester for support and begins his confession. After he finishes, he tears off his shirt to reveal the A on his chest and then sinks onto the scaffold. Pearl finally gives Timescale the kiss she has withheld from him. Hester asks him whether they will spend their afterlives soother, and he responds that God will decide whether they will receive any further punishment for breaking His sacred law.

The minister bids her farewell and dies.

Nothing a year of Damselfly’s death, Chlorinating wastes away and dies also. He leaves a substantial inheritance to Pearl. After Clownishness’s death, Hester and Pearl disappear, making the story of the scarlet letter a legend. Hester eventually returns to Boston and resumes wearing the scarlet letter and doing her charity work. Hester ultimately dies and is buried close to Timescale, but not too close, and they share the same headstone that bears the letter A.