What Is an MBA Statement of Purpose?

To get into any MBA program, you will have to face tough competition especially if you want to make it to a highly prestigious university. Apart from the essential documents that you have to submit, you are also required to submit a statement of purpose MBA. Basically, this is an application letter where you express your intent in applying for the program.

But a lot of students make that mistake thinking that their MBA statement of purpose is just an ordinary application document and that all you have to do is to state your purpose as to why you are applying. Many aren’t aware that the admission committee actually looks at the MBA SoP of an applicant to gauge if the person is the right fit for the program and for the school.


5 Great Strategies to Write a Powerful Statement of Purpose MBA

Writing a statement of purpose for MBA can be quite tough. Here are great strategies that can help you draft a powerful statement of purpose for MBA:

  • Take the time to look at a statement of purpose for MBA sample. The reasons as to why you need to see at least a sample is for you to know the kind of writing style expected as well as the format.
  • Know the format and the elements that you need to include in your SoP. Keep in mind that you should write a formal letter.
  • Make a draft first. This is very essential to help you organize the content of your statement of purpose. You have to express your keen and genuine interest in the school you are applying for. After that, you can start going into more details as to why you want to get into the program.
  • Use a formal tone when writing but be creative. Make use of compelling and engaging words. Avoid clichés.
  • Your statement of purpose should go beyond just stating the reasons why you are applying for the program. You need to be able to show why you should be in the program.


10 Tips When Writing Your MBA SoP

  • Your MBA statement of purpose should have a formal tone and writing style. If you aren’t sure how it is done, you can always search online for references.
  • Write in the right format.
  • You should know the person where you need to address or send your letter to.
  • Stay away from clichés. You want your application to stand out so take the time to make use of creative words and proses.
  • Be sincere when you are writing your SoP. Anyone who reads an application document can easily know if a person is lying or trying too much.
  • Focus on quality although you need to be able to provide the essential information.
  • Be detailed and specific when writing your SoP.
  • Take the time to edit your SoP if there are errors.
  • Proofread it again over and over again.
  • If you are having a hard time, do not hesitate to look for a professional writer and editor to help you.

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