The essay somehow manages to get worse; by its merciful end, Lauren concludes that her “former friend’s” life was a complete waste. “Her death wasn’t a tragedy, her life was,” Lauren writes. “She was alone and terribly unhappy when [she] died,” she continues without, apparently, any sense of irony about this sentence.

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1. Who is Amanda Roloff?

Upon graduation and after a few years of nursing experience, Amanda moved to Los Angeles to continue her career as a nurse. In just a few short months, she was scouted by many photographers and began to model.

2. What does Amanda Holden do for a living?

When she isn’t busy as an international model, Amanda spends much of her time traveling both for business and pleasure, working for a fashion magazine as Director of European Operations, and assists a small investment bank in London.

3. What happened to Tommy’s best friend?

Tommy had lots of friends but he only had one best friend, Graeme. Graeme had been diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, since then Tommy has tried to make the best out of life with Graeme.