My views on the book were that it was Inspiring and show the realistic views on life. Ere Outliers is set of stories that shows the errors In human nature, however, It also shows the paths of those who overcame the obstacles on the way to success. Outliers Is a book that reveals how the most powerful people, those that have become Idols when talking about success, had the greatest luck and opportunities already around them. When Bill Gates, owner and founder of Microsoft, was only In unload high he was already exposed to computers.

Computers during Gate’s time Newer such a rare and limited resource that even most scientists couldn’t get a hold of one. I personally thought this was a book of good teachings. It shows that everything takes time and luck to become successful. Through his stories: 10,000 hour rule. Trouble with geniuses, two demography luck, and etc., shows a that you must put time and effort into your part and hope that fates grants you the luck. The realistic side of Outliers is that as far as working hard can get you, success relies on a hidden aspect of luck which I like.

Outliers gives off the message that you must work harder than anyone so your opportunities grow. Not to beat yourself up if something doesn’t go your way because some people are Just born luckier than others. The movie Finding Forrester was a movie about a lost Bronx teenage finding his way with a help of an acclaimed author; William Forrester. Kamala lost in his own innate environment, found refuge in Forester’s apartment. Forrester, who first was cold towards Kamala soon learned to care for Kamala like his own child.

The Duo continued throughout the movie, building a father and son relationship. A relationship neither of them wanted but eventually could not live without. With the help of one another they were able to overcome one another’s problems. Forrester was once again able to go see the world he long hid from again.

Forrester was given back his freedom and courage to enjoy life again, a problem he struggled with for over 40-50+ years. For Kamala, his gift was skills pasted down by Forrester, the skills he spent decades acquiring. Forrester had even Kamala everything he had back left on earth; his voucher at the writing contest, his apartment, his next book, and his legacy. Forrester had given Kamala everything he needed to excel and overcome any obstacles In his future.

Whether you like the truth or not, never distort the truth. I believe that Is what Malcolm Caldwell Is trying to saying that in chapter 7. Distortion leads to miscommunication which leads to disaster. Chapter 7 talks about a discussion between plots/co-plots to radio towers. A real problem with pilots being to nonchalant over broadcast that It leads to fatal rashes.

It shows that being nonchalant during serious matters Is dangerous and potentially fatally acts. Outliers talks about how by “Sugar-coating” any type of Information Is dangerous because It leaves the listening party with a false sense of situation and confidence. Simple communication cannot be done correctly without both parties at a clear understanding on the topic. Otherwise you give a giant game the original message. Even if the outliers puts the “Sugar-coating in more of an extreme light it shows the very real side of how “Sugar-coating” can cause disaster.