Now that you have informed your constituents of the unfortunate plight of the mentally ill persons in their community, build a multi agency service plan to open a community residential and outpatient center for the mentally ill that would have normally been incarcerated. Suggest funding alternatives and inform us how you plan on selling this to your community.


The State Mental Hospital at Warm Springs is located in Western Montana. This Facility is not centrally located, is very old and antiquated, does not provide the needed treatment and services for the mentally ill and should be rebuilt in a more central location and the services they provide should be improved to provide optimal short term and long term comprehensive treatment. This will require a large block of funding. This funding could be provided by the Federal Government, The State of Montana, the Cities, Counties and concerned businesses and citizens of the State of Montana. These funds combined with charitable funding from community groups, church groups and local citizens could accomplish this task.

The local St. Vincent DePaul Organizations, the Salvation Army, Local Health Care providers, Police and Sheriffs Departments, The Montana Rescue Mission and Red Cross can be used as first line screeners and provide recommendations for services to a centralized mental health agency operating with satellite agencies in key areas of the State of Montana. This Centralized, Mental Health Agency can be created in Billings, Montana and can provide the outreach agencies within the State of Montana. This can be accomplished with Federal, State County, City and grassroots funding from within the State of Montana.

To sell this plan to the people and businesses within the State of Montana I would organize news media information seminars, provide pertinent information to all Police Departments, Church Groups, Businesses, City, County and State legislators, Fire Departments and the Federal Government by way of our Senators and Congressional Representatives.