All Quiet on the Western Front Comparison Between the Book and the Movie BY Overripe After reading the novel and watching the movie “All Quiet on the Western Front” the novel proved to be a lot better for learning about World War l. The novel Is called the best war novel for a reason. Erich Marl Armature’s novel Is so powerful you can almost perfectly picture how living in the war was Like and what the trench conditions were like.

The novel was better than the movie because in the novel food was very hard to get. But in the movie, it seemed as if acquiring food was not hard at all.

At various points in the novel, the novel digs right into your emotions and after watching the movie, it leaves the viewer almost emotionless. The movie had no hint that gas bombs were used during the war but in the novel usage of gas bombs was quite frequent.

The novel was better than the movie because the novel shows how scarce food was, it gets into your emotions, and it talks about gas bomb usage. Food proved to be scarce In the novel while It wasn’t as scarce In the movie. For example on page 108 In the first full paragraph It says, “We pull in our belts tighter ND chew every mouthful three times as long.

Still the food does not last out; we are damnably hungry. I take out a scrap of bread, eat the white and put the crust back In my knapsack; from time to time I nibble at it.

” Food was also rare back at home and an example of this is, “”It is pretty bad for food here? ” I enquire. “Yes, there is not much. Do you get enough our there? “” This can be found on page 1 60 on the third paragraph from the bottom. There was only one scene in the movie that suggested that food was a little hard to get. It was near the end of the movie right before Catkins died. Paul had just come back from leave and he went to his division.

He asked for where Catkins was and Adjacent said that he was out looking for food. Paul went to look for him. When he found Kate, he had no food and Kate said he can’t find any. This shows that the movie was unrealistic when It came to the availability of food In Germany during World War l. The book managed to get Into the reader’s emotion really well.

For example, on page 291 in the second to last paragraph it says, “Do I walk? Have I feet still? I raise my eyes, I let them move round, and turn myself with them, one circle, one circle, and I tend in the midst. All is usual.

Only the Militiaman Australians Catkins has died. ” The main character had a strong bond with Kate during the book and Kate and Paul did a lot of things together. Then all off sudden Pall’s last hope dies.

This leaves the reader and Paul sad. Another example of how the novel just gets right into your emotions is on page 295 In the last paragraph, “l am very quiet. Let the months and years come, they can take nothing from me, they can take nothing more. I am so alone, and so without hope that I can confront them without fear. The life that has erne me through these years is still In my hands and my eyes.

Whether I have subdued It, I know not.

But so long as It Is there It will seek Its own way out, heedless of the will that is within me. ” This is a very powerful ending. He is saying his life is so because this is almost exactly how the survivors of the World War I felt. In the movie En Kate dies after he is hit in the head, it leaves the viewer almost unaffected because Paul and Kate did not have as strong bond in the movie as they did in the novel. After Paul took Kate to the doctors and they told him that Kate was dead, Paul coked a little sad and Just walked away.

That is no where near how he felt in the novel. In the novel there were quite a few instances where gas bombs were used on the Germans. An example of when gas bombs were used is on page 104 in the second full paragraph, “At night they send over gas. We expect the attack to follow and lie Ninth our masks on, ready to tear them off as soon as the first shadow appears. ” This happened during one of the first bombardments when they were all sitting in bombproof dugouts. Since gas bombs have a unique sound, the soldiers are able to extinguish between gas bombs and regular shells.

On page 131 in the second paragraph there is another example, “A surprise gas attack carries off a lot of them. They have not yet learned what to do. We found one dugout full of them, with blue heads and black lips. ” In this quote the author is referring to the young recruits when he says “them” and “they”. What the recruits did not know that gas lies longest in hollows.

They thought that it was safe to take of their gas masks because the people above had them off but it resulted in them dying from the poison gas. There was a hole bunch of scenes in the movie where there has heavy bombardment.

But there Nas not a single scene about gas bombing. This is another reason that proves that the novel was better to learn about World War l. Retreated Sooth was correct about what he said about the book which was, “The greatest war book that has yet been written. ” There is no movie that can be better to learn about World War I than the novel “All Quiet on the Western Front.

” The novel proved to be better because it talked about the scarcity of food, it got into your emotions, and it talked about gas bomb usage. None of this was in the movie.